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Rose Hill
Live Oak
Hidden Valley
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Page No. Last Name First Name Middle Birth Day Birth Month Birth Year Death Day Death Month Death Year
7 INGRAHAM R. (Mrs.) H.            
7 INMAN Mary Bell            
7 IRWIN     2 March 1831 25 December 1864
7 IVES William G.            
7 IEKSE Fanny (Mrs.)              
8 JENNETT Grace              
8 JOHNSON Frank Hillard 6 August 1875 30 December 1899
8 JOHNSON Margaret Alice 28 October 1880 6 April 1900
8 JOHNSON Emma              
8 JOHNSON James              
8 JOHNSON Harold Kjoll            
8 JOHNSON Elizabeth              
8 JOHNSON Annie (Mrs.)              
8 JOHNSON William              
8 JOHNSON Kjell              
8 JOHNSON Harry              
8 JOHNSON Wilbur              
8 JOHNSON Frank H. 6 August 1875 30 December 1899
8 JOHNSON E.              
8 JONES John M.            
8 JONES Georgana              
8 JONES Mary Ann            
8 JONES Charles Edgar            
8 JONES John Morton            
8 JONES Nellie Gertrude            
8 JONES Jacob R.            
8 JONES James C.            





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