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Rose Hill
Live Oak
Hidden Valley
St. Paul's
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Page No. Last Name First Name Middle Birth Day Birth Month Birth Year Death Day Death Month Death Year
10 ORMSBY Alfred A.            
10 PALMER Nina Bell            
10 PARKER Harriet              
10 PATTON Susan A. 10 June 1818 17 June 1883
10 PATTON Margaret A. 9 June 1816 9 June 1867
10 PATTON Susan A.            
10 PETERSON J. C.            
10 PETERSON Penelope E.            
10 PETERSON Anna              
10 PETERSON William              
10 PETERSON Christian              
10 PETERSON Peter A.            
10 PIERCE Emaline   9 November 1818 22 April 1881
10 PIERSON Clarence              
10 PODVA Adolph              
10 PODVA Alfred M.            
10 PODVA Alfred (Jr.)              
10 PODVA Denece D.            
11 POPE L. E.            
11 POWERS Mary (Mrs.) Fairfield            
11 PROSCKY L. J.            
11 PYNN Verne              
11 PYNN Nina G.            





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