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Take the Alhambra Valley exit off of Hwy 4. And turn towards John Muir's house. Continue down and turn left onto Marina Vista. Turn right onto Talbart St. and then left onto Foster and veer right onto Carquinez Scenic Route. The Cemetery spans on both sides of the road, and is very large.

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AlhambraEntrance.jpg (99153 bytes)AlhambraEntrance2.jpg (271656 bytes)AlhambraInside.jpg (86658 bytes)
AlhambraInside3.jpg (79978 bytes)
AlhambraInside4.jpg (320829 bytes) The fence was high (and locked), so being vertically challenged (a.k.a. short) I had a hard time getting a picture of the sign (top left) without part of the fence. The land looked very dry and with very little living ground cover. There where many signs pointing out historical information (top right), but I was too far away to read them.  There is another cemetery on the other side of the road, the other entrance (top middle) is called St. Catherine's. The records from St. Catherine's are not part of Alhambra's Records, therefore do not appear on this site.







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