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Cemeteries of Contra Costa County

This site contains records for 4291 people

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This site was done with permission from the Contra Costa County Genealogical Society. All information comes directly from the Volume 1 of cemetery records published by the Genealogical Society. 

Volume One
Pioneer Cemetery Records
From 1854 to 1964

Providing data on Contra Costa County Cemetery burials has been a long on-going project for the Contra Costa County Genealogical Society. Volume 1 was originally published in 1980 after much effort. (Pre-computer!) It took 10 years to get to be able to perform the data extraction and publishing to provide Volumes 2 and 3, even with computers available. Contra Costa County was founded in 1850 and has many original cemeteries (mostly in Volume 1) as well as modern cemeteries. Problems in providing these Volumes have ranged from trying to determine if a cemetery was at one time present and if so, where are the stones now? To determining to limit information to three volumes and to point the researcher to the locations of the modern cemetery databases.
    Volume 1 originally was published without cemetery addresses and without a listing of other county facilities. This information is now included as well as a map of the County indicating the city sites. (These are also in Volumes 2 and 3). Each Volume now provides the complete address location and phone for its facilities.
    In Volume 1 the burial entries are in alphabetical order by surname within each cemetery section. In doing the succeeding two volumes, the database generated would be too massive in some cases for us to produce every name index and we also felt following the format of Volume 1 would be acceptable, so Volumes 2 and 3 also have burial names within cemetery entered in alphabetical order by surname. Many of the cemeteries currently operating have computerized their operations and are able to supply speedy searches for names or individuals by family or individual names or by plot, particularly the modern full service public cemeteries with thousands and thousands of burials. We refer you to contact the cemetery directly when this is the case or if the cemetery has other rules governing disclosure of burials which prohibit publication here.

Volume 1 - Pioneer Cemetery Records from 1854 to 1964:

Alamo Cemetery
Alhambra Cemetery (Martinez)
Hidden Valley Cemetery (Pacheco, I.O.O.F.)
Lafayette Cemetery
Live Oak Cemetery (Clayton)
Muir-Strentzel-Hanna (Martinez)
Rose Hill (Nortonville)
St. Paul's Cemetery (San Pablo)



Rose Hill
Live Oak
Hidden Valley
St. Paul's
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Last modified: November 07, 2001